Palo Alto Software Relief Package for Oregon Nonprofits

Get the help you need to overcome financial challenges and operational hurdles. Use our products for free to help your organization with:

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Financial reporting
  • Remote team collaboration
  • Responding to donor and volunteer emails

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About the relief package:

We're here to help

During the global coronavirus pandemic, Oregon’s nonprofit organizations face increased financial challenges and operational hurdles while delivering critical resources to those in need. To help, we're offering free use of our software tools to help your organization better manage your financial projections and collaborate efficiently while working remotely.

Use our products for free

If your organization is based in Oregon, then you are eligible to use LivePlan free for 90 days. LivePlan is a critical tool for organizations who need to respond to the pandemic. You can adjust your financial projections, understand your cash flow, and provide easy-to-review financial reports to board members and regulatory councils.

Your team is also eligible to receive a one-time $100 donation from us. To receive this donation, use Outpost for free with your team and provide us with helpful product feedback. Outpost is an email tool that will help your remote team work together in shared email inboxes like info@ or donors@—without stepping on each other’s toes—so you can respond quickly and professionally to donor and volunteer emails. 

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To receive Palo Alto Software’s nonprofit relief package of LivePlan and Outpost, please submit an application at the top of this page. Applications will be reviewed and followed up within five business days.


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